A Reading list for the 2011 Weed Lecture

Freedom Friends Church and the Remixing of Quakerism

Beacon Hills Friends House, Boston
June 12, 2011
Peggy Senger Parsons

This reading list is a substitute for a bibliography and end notes. It may be useful as preparation or follow-up. All references are web links. 

The lecture will directly sample from these sources:

À La Carte Spirituality and Embodied Tradition; Micah Bales,

Remix Culture and the Church, C. Wess Daniels

The lecture is built upon this foundation: 

The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 5

The Faith and Practice of Freedom Friends Church, 2005 FFC,

Examples of Remix and Participatory culture:

Jay Z’s remix of It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie,

The Johnny Cash Project, video remix and participatory fan culture,

Peggy Senger Parsons blog:


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