The Kevin Sorbo Effect

I am a bit of a site stats addict. I am so consistently curious about who comes and looks at this blog. Site meter has made this easy. Search engines have made this extremely complex. I'd say about half of the people who end up on this blog really know what they are looking for; repeat readers, people who know me, Quakers, etc.

But this blog has turned out to be pretty Googliscious, and some people end up here when they were actually searching for something else.

If you Google search the purported Chinese proverb "He who seeks revenge should dig two graves" - this post on this blog shows up at the top of the list. It is the most common random entry to my blog.

Even less helpful if you Google C. S. Lewis' term the "hounds of Heaven" you get my post on Duane 'Dog' Chapman - Dog the Bounty Hunter. It's often on the second screen of the Google search, but after the revenge search it is the second most common random visitor.

But more bizarre than either of those two is what I am calling the Kevin Sorbo effect. Kevin played Hercules on a camp TV show in the last decade. He was a babe back in the day. He shows up on my blog in this post
advertising a retreat on heroic living that I did in Portland last year.
Kevin, hunky though the picture is, was not really central to the point. Yet via the interwebs, people end up on my blog looking for him. My post is on the top line for the Google image results. I first noticed the KSE one day last fall when my hits suddenly went through the roof. I traced it to an influx of people looking for the picture of Kevin. Mostly international searches. It lasted for a day or two and then went away. Odd. Then a couple of months later another wave of KSE. It comes like sun spots. The blog is presently in a particularly hot season of Kevin Sorbo hunting. It has caused me to do Google searches to see what Kevin is up to that causes the craving for hercules pictures. I have not found much correlation. I can only guess that the syndicatin has made it to international satellite TV.

But the truly weird thing is that about 25% of KS searchers who end up on my blog stay and read one or more other pages.

So welcome fans of Kevin Sorbo! Somebody use the comments button and tell me why you are looking for him.

I mean. other than the obvious reasons.

in re-posting this I am aware that I am shamelessly re-inforcing the effect.
The effect is alive and working I have just received a google alert on Kevin which has brought me here.
There are many sites that use Kevin's name to bring traffic to their web sites.
"He was a babe back in the day."

Oh, Peggy, Peggy.

Shakes head. Sighs.
Thanks for commenting Stripe - who I notice is the president of the International Kevin Sorbo Fan Club, from Down Under (do Australians think WE are down onder?)

But I mean really, who knew!?!
I had no idea. AS many people as are referenced on this site. Only Kevin has this effect.
That is so funny. I vaguely remember that show, but I liked the centaurs.
Funny! The most common Google searches that lead to my blog are "perfect attendance certificate template" and "homemade strawberry jam", I once linked to and example of the former when I joked that I should give them to my homeschooled children, and I blogged about the latter once. At least the jam post is relevant to the search.

Your story is much more entertaining, however! :o)
I liked that show and Xena, both fun in that goofy campy way. Kevin also had that great shampoo commercial.
Kevin Who?
Home safe, thanks to you and Freedom Friends for being there so I CAN visit.
Friend Peggy,
None of the above. Who's Kevin?

I put "silly poor gospel" in the search engine, and this came up. Phooey.

Lately I've been
1) thinking of doing a blog;
2) reading The Quiet Rebels and the Fell quote was in it;
3) daydreaming at meeting during worship yesterday of a name to call it (if my Friend Fred clues me in on how to do blogs).

"Silly poor Gospel" came to me during worship yesterday. Ooops. Gotta try another name.

I will enjoy your blog, I hope.
I am Friend,
Just adding my two cents since i wound up here because of the KSE too! And for the record, Kevin is STILL very much a babe... oh yeah.

Follow Kevin Sorbo at Twitter!
I love your site and am responding at the "Sorbo Effect." I came through on the "Hound of Heaven" link. I read 'Dog Chapmen'and am convinced "OZZY" should guest star. Imagine THAT dialog! Anyway. C.S. Lewis is not the author of "THE HOUND OF HEAVEN" and I know, you probably already know, but I'm new.
Well, I googled KS as someone thought he would make a good Eric on TrueBlood on a forum. I couldn't remember who KS was so I googled. This came up.

That's amazing. I ended up here after running into Mr. Sorbo over on Netflix. I used to get about 20% of my blog visitors when they searched "Moms gone wild". It was a post about my mother purchasing yarn, and you have to go about 12 pages of search results in on Google to get to me, so I guess that says something about people's persistence!

Maybe I should try posting Kevin on my two blogs.

I got here googling Kevin, because I was just watching Meet The Spartans and saw his Walking Tall (think thats the name?) thing the other day, and missed the old hunky Hercules bod, haha

He was in a shampoo commercial?
Even i found this page and i was looking for Kevin cous i was watching Andromeda and just wanted to see how he looks now...and well i found this pic and just had to click on it...i mean come on! He´s hot!
A friend wanted to know what he looked like x3
I found a reference on another forum to "Kevin Sorbo" and Herucles and wanted to know if I was thinking of the right face. I was! :)
Oh my goodness. He was so hot as Hercules. I love the scene when he's rowing the boat. *swoon*

I was brought to this page by the picture. I was searching for images to put up on my FB and here I am.
Another reason that people may be coming here (one that I came here) is that (a supposed perpetual/overunity machine maker) has just named one incarnation of the vapourware the "solid state orbo" or ssorbo for short. A couple of users are looking for pictures of it on the internet.
The supposed, magical machine is called the "Orbo". But it's never been seen and it smells of unpleasant stuff......
I was searching for Kevin Sorbo because I just bought season one of Hercules at Walmart. I thought I'd search him and see what he's been up to these days.
I love how many comments are on this post.
I did a Google image search on Kevin Sorbo. I'm a 26-year-old working actor, watching "Hercules" on Netlfix for no other reason than it rekindles my boyhood crush on Sorbo. So I Googled him. And it brought me here. And I posted this. I feel silly.
Na verdade quando começou a passar na tv aberta assistia, porque sempre me fascinou essa época, e de repente parou...assim como começou...e agora fui procurar para saber o que afinal tinha acontecido com ele, vc. sabe afinal se acabou o seriado e que fim levou esse ator desse seriado? Fez mais filme, o que faz agora???? bjs.
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