Not to late to register - Portland area

Spiritual Formation

Hillsboro Friends Church

This Saturday Sept 27, 2008 - 9 am to 5 pm

Hero of Your Own Story led by Peggy Senger Parsons

A practical toolbox for turning the world upside down,

starting with your own life.

Peggy's vision:

What I am bringing that you are going to leave with, if you wish:

Some inspiration.

A better idea of what you were put here to do and how to do it.

A new way to tell your own story.

Liberation from being a victim and/or living in survival mode.

Tools you can use immediately to start doing what you were put here to do.
A vision of what your future could look like.

What I expect God to show up with:

Healing. Hope. Direction.

What I want you to bring:Honesty. Courage. Hope. An open mind.

Session 1: Heroes and superpowers - lighter - not too much to deal with over coffee, but with some real interesting twists.

Session 2: Why you are here - introspection focused - quiet - but with a very clear product at the end. This is the serious chunk for the day.

Session 3: Telling your own story - with break out time for some interesting activities.

Session 4: The tool box - straight up teaching.

Everyone is invited - Cost $5.00

to register e-mail Pastor Bernie Bosnijak

or call the church at (503) 648-1814



Sometimes it seems like I live on the wrong coast.

Blessings, and much success for everyone.
I'm leading an opening retreat for Nashville Friends Meeting's Growing In the Light spiritual formation group next weekend. I'm really excited to be doing this again (we did it last year too) but I must say, princess warriors and buff barbarians certainly look appealing! Geez, all I'm offering is introspective excercises, animated discussions, deeper intimacy with other Friends and a potluck.
I'd be pleased to learn more about what you'll be doing in your meetings; I'm always happy to gain inspiration for future opportunities!
Well, it looks like we will be in Portland on the same day . . . Maybe we can wave to each other across town?
Hope all goes well - looks like quite an event! We'll be singing Sacred Harp in the Minneapolis area on Saturday... we'll be raising up a tune or two for you.
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